For many on hospice care, a decline in physical condition impacts a patient’s ability to enjoy socializing and maintaining human
Any change in life often brings a feeling of loss and grief. Grief support groups are for anyone who has
The Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County statement emphasizes the education that is entrenched throughout the HVSC culture; not only internal
"The passing of our father was so much easier with the supportive services we received from hospice. Whenever and whatever
To provide support that encourages the safe expression of grief and loss and fosters each individual’s resilience and emotional well-being.
Someone that does not have a hospice diagnosis, and they are living with or have a condition that limits their
We serve clients that are on medical hospice, with that client they generally have been diagnosed with six months or
Teens are the youth of tomorrow, a valuable resource and contribute to the community. In this program the teens will
We assist in supporting patients during their final hours of the actively dying stage. The goal is that no one
This program pairs military veteran patients with veteran volunteers. We work with veterans to raise awareness and enlist fellow veterans
We work with the law enforcement agencies in the area that we cover. This is a joint effort that provides