They are very caring, concerned and sympathetic people from your community who want to help others who are going through
Volunteers to give direct support to those with a life-limiting illness, provide support and solace to the grieving, and educate
For active hospice volunteers to receive additional training to give families/caregivers additional emotional support and guidance during the last hours
To give high school students the skills necessary to make a difference in the lives of people of all ages
To give hospice support to veterans in their community. These volunteers (veterans) will bring their military training and history to
Volunteers will give direct support to those with a life-limiting illness, that come to us as a community referral. You
Volunteers will assist in the office. Some of the duties would include but not limited to: Answering the phone, taking
Volunteers will assist in the pet area. This allows families to keep their pets at home while dealing with hospice
A bereavement peer is someone who is willing to help another on their journey after the loss of a loved
A bereavement companion is someone who has been through their own grief journey and is willing to help someone else
Volunteers that help to co-facilitate grief support groups. Types of support groups include: Drop in Support Groups: People grieve very
This page serves as a continuing education resource for HVOSC direct care volunteers. HVOSC volunteers need 8 hours of continuing