Continuing Education Opportunities for Volunteers

This page serves as a continuing education resource for HVOSC direct care volunteers. HVOSC volunteers need 8 hours of continuing education credits per year. Articles are valued at 0.5 hours and videos will be valued at their actual running time. For each article/video link read or viewed, please complete the following form as per instructions: Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County Staff Education Worksheet

  • • Delirium: Opportunity for Comfort in Palliative Care from the Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing 2012; 14(6):386-394. Link to article: HOEM
  • • In Facing Death, FRONTLINE gains extraordinary access to The Mount Sinai Medical Center, one of New York’s biggest hospitals, to take a closer measure of today’s complicated end-of-life decisions. In this intimate, groundbreaking film, doctors, patients and families speak with remarkable candor about the increasingly difficult choices people are making at the end of life: when to remove a breathing tube in the ICU; when to continue treatment for patients with aggressive blood cancers; when to perform a surgery; and when to call for hospice.
  • • Pitching in When Caregivers Need Help, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report. Link to article:Caregivers
  • • Interesting article and video from CNN exploring a different way to care for those with dementia: ‘Dementia Village’ – as it has become known — is a place where residents can live a seemingly normal life, but in reality are being watched all the time. Caretakers staff the restaurant, grocery store, hair salon and theater — although the residents don’t always realize they are carers — and are also watching in the residents’ living quarters.
  • • Collection of articles on the topic of Hospice from the New York Times. Free access and quite a number of articles from which to choose: New York Times Topics in Hospice Care
  • • NPR’s collection of articles on the topic of Hospice: NPR Topics in Hospice Care
  • • Caregiver resources that are quite cleaver: