Notes from the Community

“The passing of our father was so much easier with the supportive services we received from hospice. Whenever and whatever was needed (such as a hospital bed, pain management, Dad’s comfort) was only a phone call away. Hospice made sure we understood the dying process as well as the difficult period of bereavement following his death. Some of our family were able to attend a Bereavement Support Group, which we found to be extremely helpful emotionally. Hospice supports the patient and the family—an amazing group of dedicated people that I am grateful to have had during this time.”  ~ D.C.

“Four weeks to the day after the death of my husband by suicide, I attended the first Survivors of Suicide Support Group at the office of the Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County. I knew I needed help to come to terms with my husband’s death, and I found that help at Hospice. The unconditional support, friendship and understanding I received will stay with me forever. Knowing that the feelings I had and continue to have are a “normal” part of grief and I’m not losing my mind is very reassuring. Attending this support group has helped me gain the strength I need to move forward with my life.” ~ G.S